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Painless Dental Surgery in Wagga Wagga

Painless Dental Surgery in Wagga Wagga


11With the trend towards a healthier lifestyle and better living, the consumption of soft drinks, energy bars, and gel has also risen. These foods and drinks are the main “culprits” behind the way that athletes had poor oral health despite the efforts to care for their teeth. If you also consume such foods and drinks and are suffering from dental problems, then it’s time to avail the best dental service from us. At Bright Smiles Dental, we offer painless dental surgery in Wagga Wagga.

Sports drinks, Energy Bars and the Impact of these on your teeth

Sports Drinks

The very important thing to remember with sports drinks is that it ought to be taken in moderation. The frequency of drinking and the time that your teeth are exposed to the acidic drinks will affect the severity of erosion. Some recommendations are as per the following:

  • Drink in moderation, that means, drink when you require and not on an everyday/regular premise.
  • Alternately, you can have plain water.
  • Rinse the mouth with plain water after drinking your sports drink.

Energy Bars and Gels

Energy bars and gels are meant to be a last-minute energy supply during long drawn endurance type sports events that typically last more than a few hours. For shorter events, there is essentially insufficient time for the body to digest, absorb and utilize them as an energy source. Energy bars and gels are not meant to be regular meal substitutes on an everyday premise.

In general, energy bars and gels contain elevated levels of simple sugars, which are easily absorbed and utilized as an energy source. The gel form is meant to be swallowed faster. Many energy bars contain significant levels of fat and nuts which take longer to be digested and absorbed as an energy source. Energy bars are meant to be well chewed up before they are swallowed. The key difference is the duration that the contents remain in the oral cavity. The shorter that these stay in the oral cavity, the less destructive to the teeth they might be.

However, even after taking precautions and the best care for your teeth, if your oral problems are not going to end then contact our dentists at Bright Smiles Dental.

Why choose Bright Smiles Dental?

There are numerous reasons to choose Bright Smiles Dental in Wagga Wagga when compared to other dental centers. At Bright Smiles Dental, we believe in providing top-quality dental care for our patients with compassion and gentleness. Our aim is to meet each and every patient’s specific needs and at the same time, giving them a pleasant and worry-free dental care experience.

On the other hand, all our dental procedures are painless and worry-free so that you don’t have to suffer anymore. Moreover, our dentists are constantly available for your service and whenever you book an appointment with us, we will keep you on the priority list first. So, don’t suffer from your oral problems and book an appointment with us on our website.

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